Double Exposure.

When I look back on my sophomore year, I will not only remember the milestones I reached, but the people that I met along the way.

George Lambert spends his days picking up what we have left behind. But inside this man’s heart is a passion that makes him no different than the students he picks up after: A passion that he and I share. 

Early last year, when I was still in art school, I would notice a man walking around the darkrooms and editing suites.  Every once in a while, we'd be working on projects at the same time, but I never took the time to even say hello. Later that year, I saw the same man pushing around two garbage cans in Newhouse... Ever since the first time I saw George in Newhouse, I was captivated and I knew I would eventually need to tell this story.

When I first approached George about working on this story, at the beginning of the semester, all I knew was that he was a janitor who was studying photography. Throughout the developing and planning stages, I kept praying that this project would lead to the discovery of the next Vivian Maier. But, I quickly discovered that George will not be remembered as a janitor. He will not be remembered as a photographer. To the people whose lives George has touched, he will be remembered for his smile, his sense of humor, and his reminder that everything in life is a gift. 

This is my first story that I have produced completely on my own for a publication. Please let me know what you think. And next time you see George in the hallways of Newhouse, give him a smile.