My Name is Everything

Working as a photographer is difficult. Working as a student photographer is even harder. 

As a child of the technology revolution, I try to understand that things happen fast and the most important things often get overlooked when it comes to producing content. While in class today, I noticed that Dick's Sporting Goods published a blog post containing a handful of photographs I have produced over the last six months for Storelli. 

I still get excited seeing my work published, it gives me a rush every time. But as I scrolled through the blog post, I realized a glaring issue. My name was nowhere to be seen. By the time I got to the end of the blog post, the company's name had been mentioned dozens of times and mine not once. 

I try to keep a good report with everyone I work with, but this hit a chord with me. After a few urgent emails, the issue was resolved. My name was under every photograph and I received great feedback after sharing. The difficult lesson is that this is a quick fix for most editorial sites. But for the ten days the blog post existed without my name attached, those images were dead ends that could eventually lead to new work for me. 

Every day brings us a lesson. Sometimes it is not positive. The blog post can be found below: