Internship pt. 1

When I came to Syracuse University, all I wanted to do was photograph the basketball team.

But, I quickly discovered there was much more to this community than the orange-crazed fans that pile into the Carrier Dome a couple times a week. I have always wanted to explore and discover the neighborhoods and characters that lie inside the old walls of this city. After five semesters of wishing and dreaming of opportunities to get off the hill the Syracuse Hill and into the city, I was lucky enough to be placed into my first photojournalism internship at Syracuse Media Group for the spring semester of my Junior Year.

In my first six weeks, this internship has provided me with so much more hands-on experience and training than I could have imagined. The opportunity to work with SMG’s fantastic photo staff and editors has been invaluable to my growth and understanding of what it takes to be a part of fast-moving and developing online news publication. On my three favorite assignments, I have met unbelievable community members, photographed young champions and celebrated with local icons.

My first and, perhaps, most memorable assignment with SMG took me through the city of Syracuse, photographing the Housing and Homeless Coalition’s annual winter count. I photographed two volunteers as they searched and met people that would be sleeping without shelter on a bitterly cold winter night. As a student, I seldom get an opportunity to see what work is doing around the city to combat issues such as homelessness. On just another sub-zero night in Syracuse, I was able to do my part.

There have been so many memorable assignments since the homeless count; each one reminding me how valuable my camera is as a means to explore the world around me. I am always excited Thursday and Sunday mornings when I receive an email telling me to head to a humid high school swimming pool, or to photograph gallons of green-colored beer flowing down the streets of Tipperary Hill.

For the second half of the semester, I hope to spend even more time in the office learning from editors as I begin to explore my own stories. I also plan on taking full advantage of the experienced and talented core of staff photographers I am lucky enough to be a part of.