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I do not want to be another sports photographer. 

I want to create work that shows you the strength, beauty and passion in sports. Because sports and athletes are so often photographed as a physical display, my goal is to show it emotionally. With intimacy and vulnerability. Sports are generally discussed as a matter of winning and losing. But they're much bigger than that. Whether it's on the world's largest stages or a family’s most intimate settings, even in loss, sports bring us together. 

I am a visual storyteller currently based in Brooklyn, NY. I work for The Players’ Tribune as a photographer and video producer with a focus on the NBA. This takes me everywhere, from neighborhood courts to some of the biggest arenas in the world.

I studied photojournalism multimedia storytelling at Syracuse University, where I graduated in 2016. I attended the Eddie Adams Workshop in 2017. And I have been writing overly thoughtful Instagram captions since 2012.


Email:  --  Phone: 650.274.2800